2006 - Lago Agrio, Ecuador

La Marqueta is a proposal for a vibrant mixed-use district in the heart of Lago Agrio that integrates community amenities with local infrastructural support systems. Within La Marqueta are components that harvest solar energy and filter wastewater as well as facilities to both grow and sell local produce. These elements are woven into the fabric of the district, beautifying and playfully branding the neighborhood and celebrating a local commitment to sustainability. Threading through La Marqueta is a trellis system that accepts plug-in components of colorful shading panels, photovoltaic units and lighting. These components can be placed and rearranged strategically to form a photovoltaic array, a dappled canopy to shade pedestrians and a nighttime lighting system powered by the photovoltaic array. The housing unit integrates residential living with a living machine bio-filtration system to filter local wastewater. The building itself is a prototype for tropical residential construction using local materials and building practices. Formally, the building acts much as an airfoil, cooling the interior by accelerating the movement of air along the facade while increasing surface area and porosity maximizing the effects of cooling breezes. The ground floor houses filtration tanks, a bicycle storage room and large-capacity batteries to store energy collected from the solar array.