2008-2009 - West Harlem, New York
Clients: Heritage Health and Housing / City College Architectural Center

In early 2009 I acted as project leader in the creation of a pair of presentation models to support and promote the development of the Heritage Mile district in West Harlem. The initiative secures funding for streetscape and fa├žade improvements to foster economic development and commercial revitalization on Amsterdam Avenue between 135th street and 155th street.. At over twenty-two feet in length, the Heritage Mile model shows the entire twenty-block-long scope of the Heritage Mile district. I designed every aspect of the construction of the model, from the creation of the graphic language to the system employed for its assembly. I trained and managed a team of consultants to cut and assemble the files and worked with a cabinetmaker to develop storage and transport units which could be reconfigured and locked together to act as a base for the model. The Johnny Hartman Plaza model focuses in detail on the block that serves as the town center of the Heritage Mile district and comes with a kit-of-parts of interchangeable streetscape elements allowing stakeholders to try a variety of design scenarios and communicate their ideas with others during meetings and presentations.