2010 - Bronx, New York
Clients: New Yorkers for Parks / New York Civic Participation Project

Working in collaboration with an alliance of non-profit organizations and community activists, my group generated the design for the renovation of a dilapidated and neglected neighborhood park in the South Bronx. As spokesperson for the design group I lead community design charettes, promoted the designs in interviews with local media, presented the work in local community meetings and lead presentations in meetings with government officials in which we secured $2 million in funding for the project The park combines colorful and whimsical playspaces with social seating areas, a dog park and basketball/handball courts. "Fingers" of plantings lace between different zones of the park, separating program without fences and creating greenery for the eye while reclaiming usable space from the fenced-in grass lawn that once covered half of the site. Many thanks to Sussie Lozada, Portfirio Batiz and the many community members who provided their input, encouragement and unwavering support.