2007 - Lago Agrio, Ecuador

The Escuela de Construccion de Nueva Loja, or ECNL, is a vocational school for the instruction and development of sustainable construction techniques. By teaching local youth responsible building practices the school disseminates these ideas and strategies promoting sustainable growth and fostering local industry in the Succumbios province of Ecuador. ENCL is conceived of as both a place in which to learn and a place on which to learn. The framework of ENCL holds numerous passive infrastructure systems giving students the opportunity to engage and maintain these technologies, training them in techniques that can be used in their professional practice to support the infrastructural needs of the region. Within the framework of the school, the classrooms, study centers and offices are all temporary structures that are developed and assembled by teams of students, providing an opportunity for them to test new sustainable construction strategies, methods and materials at full scale. The framework of the school is designed to hold and engage these experimental units including a pulley/wench system that lifts new units into place.